Day 7: Question Zero & Visit Lists
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In the last lesson we asked you to control the flow of questions by using a JUMP from a MENU choice (MENU JUMPS) and also by using a separate JUMP type question. If you have not done that, go back and do it now before continuing with this lesson.

This lesson will show you how to use a special question type called a VISIT LIST available with QUESTION ZERO. This means that, when running the survey, instead of having to type the answer to QUESTION ZERO we will be able to choose from a list of menu choices that originate from an external file (CSV LOOKUP file).


The VISIT LIST is a special type of question that can LOOKUP lists held in CSV file format, also known as an EXCEL data files. The Professional Plus and Enterprise Editions of PocketSurvey let you utilise this powerful LOOKUP feature in ANY question in your survey.

Now do the following.

    1. Open the survey you created in lesson 6. Then do FILE | SAVE AS to create a copy of the survey under a different name. Name the survey 'Day 7 - Visit Lists'.

    1. Select QUESTION ZERO with your mouse and click the VISIT LIST tab in the QUESTION DEFINITION DIALOG.

    1. First change the QUESTION PROMPT to 'Respondent'.

    1. In the area to the left you will see three input areas: USING TABLE, DISPLAY, USE and a button labelled EDIT TABLE.

    1. Type in 'Respondents' In the USING TABLE input area, this will be our VISIT LIST table name.

    1. To create the TABLE click the EDIT TABLE button. This will launch the PS DATA DOCTOR program in a mode that lets you create a table if it does not already exist.

    1. Where PS DATA DOCTOR displays 'Field 1' overtype with 'Name', click MODIFY and then DONE. We now have a file with one column heading labelled 'Name'. The PS DATA DOCTOR is similar to Excel but much easier to use.

    1. If you DOUBLE CLICK in the cell next to the DIAMOND and below the column heading you will get an input box popping up. In the box type in 'Respondent 01. Then click OK to add the name to the cell.

    1. Repeat step 8 above, entering the name of 'Respondent 02'. Continue to do this until you have a list of 9 or 10 names.

    1. Click the SAVE button in DATA DOCTOR and then the EXIT button to return to the PS DESIGNER.

    1. Back in the SURVEY DESIGNER choose 'Use previous' from the INITIAL VALUE pulldown menu and then click MODIFY to update QUESTION ZERO.

    1. Now run your survey on the SIMULATOR. You will see a menu list of respondent names appear as the first question. Notice there is an option at the end of the list as 'Free text', if you choose this and then click OK, you can enter any name that does not appear on the list.

You have now completed the first part of the PocketSurvey course. Well done! The next lessons are for advanced users and may refer to features only present in the more advanced EDITIONS of PocketSurvey. Let us know if you want to receive these advanced lessons since they will not be sent to you automatically.

Features available in Higher Editions of PocketSurvey


Always take measures to BACKUP your work. Save your designs to CD periodically so you have something to work from should your computer let you down. You can create a compressed backup of your survey using the TOOLS | BACKUP menu item in the PocketSurvey Designer

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