Day 9: GPS | Sketch | Barcode
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In the last lesson you were shown the how you can use the TIME question. If you have not done that, go back and do it now before continuing with this lesson.

This lesson will show you how to use three different questions in PocketSurvey that will not RUN on the HANDHELD SIMULATOR. The GPS question interacts with the GPS card inbuilt into your HANDHELD DEVICE to retrieve your exact global co-ordinates according to parameters set up within your question. The SKETCH question provides you with the ability to draw anything useful into your PDA using a touch screen pen. The BARCODE question triggers the scanner on your PDA and enables the HANDHELD DEVICE to scan and retain BARCODE information.


When RUNNING you SURVEY, it is important that it is sent to an actual HANDHELD device rather than the HANDHELD SIMULATOR. The higher editions of PocketSurvey are programmed to interact with specific functions of HANDHELD PDA DEVICES enabling GPS, SKETCH and BARCODE question capability. If the GPS and BARCODE capabilities are not inbuilt into your HANDHELD DEVICE you can connect external GPS and BARCODE devices to your PDA.

Now do the following.

    1. Create a new survey and save it as “Day 9”. In the MAIN SECTION create a GPS question by clicking the GPS tab in the QUESTION DEFINITION DIALOG. Create a QUESTION PROMPT of “GPS” and make sure the DATA DESTINATION FILE is set to SINGLE ITEM so that you can SAVE the information you collect in the SINGLE ITEM FILE.

    1. In the QUESTION DEFINITION DIALOG you will notice a tick list headed CO-ORDINATES. You can select any amount of and any combination of CO-ORDINATES depending on what your survey requires. For this example you are going to set up a GPS question that will retrieve the LATITUDE, LONGITUDE, ALTITUDE and the EASTINGS AND NORTHINGS from a particular area. INSERT your question.

    1. Before you RUN your survey, make sure your HANDHELD DEVICE (Remember not HANDHELD SIMULATOR!) is set up ready to receive your survey. If you are using an external GPS card make sure it is in position. Now click RUN on the TOOLBAR and your survey should transfer to your HANDHELD DEVICE. If you are having problems setting up your HANDHELD/PDA DEVICE

    1. Enter a SURVEY IDENTIFIER and then QUIT the survey, as there are no set questions to answer.

    1. Click RECEIVE on the PocketSurvey DESIGNER TOOLBAR then select TOOLS | QUICK EDITOR | “Day 9single item” to launch the DATA DOCTOR and view your recently saved data in the SINGLE ITEM FILE.

    1. The DATA DOCTOR should consist of a row of information for each single item survey RECEIVED from the HANDHELD DEVICE. The retrieved data should include your unique SURVEY IDENTIFIER followed by GPS CO-ORDINATES (formatted as displayed in the QUESTION DEFINITION DIALOG GPS tab) for the location of the HANDHELD DEVICE at the time you ran the survey.

    1. Now to set up a SKETCH QUESTION. In the PocketSurvey Designer click at the diamond in the MAIN SECTION and set up a new question with a QUESTION PROMPT of “Sketch”.

    1. Set the DATA DESTINATION file to SINGLE ITEM if it is not already the default and then INSERT the question. SAVE your survey

    1. Set up the HANDHELD device ready to RECEIVE your survey and then click RUN on the TOOLBAR.

    1. Enter your SURVEY IDENTIFIER and you will be prompted with a blank space at the SKETCH question. Here you should use your touch screen compatible pen to draw or write out any piece of information you feel can only be captured using this draw tool as opposed to typing with a keyboard. When you are finished drawing click OK and then QUIT on the HANDHELD DEVICE. RECEIVE your data and OVERWRITE any existing survey data.

    1. Go to TOOLS | QUICK EDITOR | “Day 9single item” and you will see a small thumbnail size image of your SKETCH. Click on this if you want to view the full size image.

    1. Now to set up the final question BARCODE. In the MAIN SECTION click the diamond and create a BARCODE question by clicking the BARCODE tab and entering a QUESTION PROMPT of “Barcode”. Again make sure the DATA DESTINATION file is set to SINGLE ITEM.

    1. There is only one FIELD that can be adjusted in a BARCODE question, MAXIMUM LENGTH TO BE READ. Here you must specify the maximum amount of characters any barcode you later scan may contain. Set this parameter to 50 and INSERT the question. Save your survey.

    1. First of all find a product with a barcode that you can scan. If you are using an external scanner make sure it is connected to your HANDHELD DEVICE before you continue. RUN your survey on your HANDHELD DEVICE.

    1. When you reach the BARCODE question you will be prompted with the message SCAN BARCODE NOW. Locate the scanner on your PDA and make sure you scan over the complete barcode of your product. If you are having problems scanning the barcode you will be prompted to enter it manually, as you would a TEXT question so enter the barcode number. Continue with the survey and click QUIT when you have reached the end.

    1. RECEIVE your data from the HANDHELD DEVICE remembering to OVERWRITE any existing survey data and then click TOOLS | QUICK EDITOR | “Day 9single item” to view your collected data in the DATA DOCTOR.

    1. If your scan worked correctly you should be looking at the barcode number for whatever it was that you scanned. If the BARCODE you scanned does not match the barcode number (usually underneath the barcode) check the functionality of the PDA’s scanner.

The next lesson will take you through the CAMERA question showing you how to set up a camera to interact with PocketSurvey.

Final Tip

If you are having problems using your PDA to scan a particular barcode you will also have the option to enter the data manually as you would using a standard TEXT question.

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