Adding Questions
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We are now going to add some questions to the survey. To add a new question at he end of a survey follow these steps.

  1. Double click on the diamond at the end of the list of questions to display the question definition screen.

  2. Change the question text to read, "When did you first try PocketSurvey" and select a question type of 'input date'.
  3. Click the Insert button to insert the question.
  4. With the question definition screen still on display, you can add more questions very quickly by entering the question text, selecting the question type and clicking the Insert button. Try defining a few more questions yourself.
  5. When you have finished defining questions, click Close to remove the question definition screen from view.


To insert questions before other questions rather than the end, or to delete, cut or paste questions, simply click the right mouse button in the question display area and choose from the popup menu shown below.


For more a detailed description of types of questions you can use, see "Chapter 8 -- Questionnaire | Question" and "Chapter 14 -- Questions in Detail".

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