Appendix C: Examples
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The best way to learn how to use PocketSurvey is to open each of the example questionnaire designs and explore!


We recommend that you save you own versions of the examples in the SURVEY folder before you modify them as these files are always overwritten when you install a newer version of PocketSurvey.

Each of the examples are small and are meant to illustrate one main feature or concept. Below is a summary of the examples - you will find them in the EXAMPLES folder.

Ex01 Question Types

Shows the different question types available in PocketSurvey.

Ex02 Nested Sections

Shows how questions can be organised into sections and how sections can contain other sections -- a very powerful feature of PocketSurvey.

Ex03 Nested Menus

Shows how a single question can present nested menus to the user and how the different combinations of answers can be validated. Nested menus are only possible with single select menu question types. This question type is an advanced feature, if you wish to know more about nested menus just contact us.

The important thing to notice with nested menus is that only a single answer is collected as a combined response. If you want data to be collected on each menu response you would use multiple menu questions rather than a menu with multiple nested menus.

Ex04 Repeated Questions.

Shows how to repeat a set of questions in a survey and collect 'child' data. For example, a housing development often has multiple plots or houses and each house or plot needs information to be collected.

Ex05 Section Modes

Shows the different types of sections modes

Ex06 Linked Questionnaires

Shows how a questionnaire can link to another questionnaire. In this example the first questionnaire collect information about a house and then for each room in the house a another separate questionnaire is used to collect room data

The linked questionnaire is named Ex09 Room Survey.Q and can be found in the example folder.

Ex07 Results Reports

This example has had data collected so you can see the results report and the other design and database reports. Simply choose a report from the menu

Ex08 Satisfaction Survey

A sample customer satisfaction survey used if you follow through Chapter 5: Creating a Questionnaire.

Ex09 Advanced Features

An example illustrating the advance feature available in the Enterprise version of PocketSurvey. The advanced feature illustrated in this example are lookup of external data and use of calculation question types.

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