Chapter 14: Questions in Detail

The main content of a questionnaire survey are the questions you ask. PocketSurvey has a comprehensive range of question types to suit every need from customer satisfaction surveys to complex property condition surveys.

The Questionnaire | Edit menu option displays the question definition screen as shown below. This special 'tabbed' screen lets you to Insert a new question or Modify an existing one and even change between question types without loosing any common information.


You will find it quicker to double click on a question or the diamond in the questions display area to bring up this screen. You can then change the question details or insert a new one at that point.

For a guided tour creating questions, see "Chapter 5 - Creating a Questionnaire".

Chapter Contents

Advanced Question Types


The advanced question types of lookup, calculation, link and conditional jumps are only available if you have purchased an enterprise or advanced license for PocketSurvey.

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