Common ID Question Information
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The ID question (which is ALWAYS Question 0) has information common to all available question types displayed at the side of the questions definition screen as shown below.

Question Prompt

This is the text that will be displayed when the user first runs the survey

Data Name

In addition to giving your question a prompt text you may optionally define a data name. This data name (if defined) will be used as the field name in the data tables produced by your questionnaire. If you do not define a data name then the question prompt will be used instead.

Initial Value

Question types that require user input can be initialised to some pre-defined value. You can set the initial value to nothing or that of the previous identifier by using 'Use previous'.

Any number type question, including the first question in your survey, can be automatically incremented or decremented by using the in-built calculation feature as shown below in the initial value field.

Allow answer cloning

If this switch is on then at run-time, after entering the survey identifier, the user will be presented with a list of previous identifiers (if any) from which to copy information.


Tick Confirm to prompt to the user running the survey to verify their answer by accepting or re-typing the answer as shown below

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