File | New... Creating New Questionnaires
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The File | New menu option, shown below, clears your workspace and starts a completely new questionnaire design. If you already have a questionnaire loaded that needs saving you will be prompted to do so before your work space is cleared, so you do not need to worry about losing any work.

When you create a new questionnaire the title bar will say [New Questionnaire] as shown above. You should name your questionnaire to something more descriptive by using the Save menu option before adding questions. However, if you forget to do this, don't worry - you will be promoted to name you questionnaire when you close the program down anyway.

Behind the Scenes

When you create a new questionnaire (and save it) a file named yourname.Q and a folder with the same name is created in the location you specify. You can store the .Q file anywhere on your computer. The folder for each questionnaire is used to stored collected data, reports and other files relating to your survey.

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