File | Save... Saving Questionnaires
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The File | Save menu option, shown below, saves your current questionnaire to disk. Because even large questionnaires are small and efficient the save operation does not take long to complete.


As you start to create more complex questionnaires, we recommend that you save your questionnaires regularly to prevent loss of data should your computer freeze as a result of running some other Windows program

New Questionnaires

When you first save a newly created questionnaire you will be promoted to give it a name. Since PocketSurvey uses long filenames you can name your questionnaires using descriptive words. You can also use spaces in the filenames.

If you choose a name that has already been used, you will not be allowed to overwrite an existing design without a warning screen to advise you that this will happen.

The first time a questionnaire is saved, a folder of the same name as your questionnaire is also created. This folder stores reports and data collected by running the questionnaire survey. Data can be collected by using the handheld simulator or by transferring survey results from your handheld to your PC.

When you first save a questionnaire you are prompted to add a detailed description and an author.

Change Log

As you change your questionnaire it is useful to document who and what has been done by using the Questionnaire | Change Log menu option. The change log screen is shown below.

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