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The Handheld | Send Documentation menu option, shown below, sends documentation for you currently loaded survey to your handheld or handheld simulator.

Survey Level Documentation

The documentation for your survey should be formatted as HTML pages and put in the DOCS folder below your survey's folder. You can also include pictures in GIF or JPG format. The name of the HTML page should be the same as your survey name to give general documentation about a particular survey.

Question Level Documentation

You can also create an HTML page for each question in the surevy if you wish. In the case of question level documentation the name of the HTML page should be the same as the question text or the underlying data name for the particular question.


If you need help in creating you documentation please contact Handheld Systems Ltd. We can convert any existing procedure documents you have or create entirely new ones for you.

Accessing the documentation

The documentation for a survey or question is launched on the handheld or handheld simulator by clicking in the ? on the toolbar

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