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The Handheld | Send Visit List menu option, shown below, sends the questionnaire's associated job or respondent list to a handheld computer.

Once the visit list is sent to the handheld, the visit list is archived to prevent inadvertently sending the same visit list to another handheld computer. The archived visit list has the filename of VISITLIST.CSV.nnn, where nnn is a number from 001 to 999.

A visit list (also called a respondent's list) makes entering data into a questionnaire easier and quicker by providing a pre-defined list of data that can be inserted into the Survey Identifier (Question 0). Typically the visit list will be a list of properties to survey, or list of pre-defined respondents, customers or companies.


The visit list is a simple comma separated file located in your questionnaire folder with any file name. You can create it easily from any database software or even create it using a text editor such as Windows Notepad.

Format of a visit list

The visit list is can be a simple comma separated file as shown below.

"Survey Id","Description"
"Survey Identifier 1","Description 1"
"Survey Identifier 2","Description 2"
"Survey Identifier 3","Description 3"
"Survey Identifier 4","Description 4"

The first field is the survey identifier (the response to Question 0) and the second field is a longer description to help the mobile data collector chose the correct survey identifier with a more meaningful name. You should realise that the second field does not actually get inserted into the collected data, only the contents of the first field.

Example - List of properties

"001","54, Any Street, Any Town"
"002","13, Any Street, Any Town"
"002","34, Another Street, Another Town"

Example - List of respondents

"001","Person 1"
"002","Person 2"
"003","Person 3"
"004","Person 4"

On the handheld or simulator the Visit List appears as below. You chose and item from the list and the Survey Identifier is automatically used in your survey.

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