How This Manual Is Organised
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This manual is your comprehensive guide to designing questionnaires/surveys and collecting data on your handheld.

To help you find information quickly the chapters are organised into sections:

This manual is jammed packed full of explanations, examples and practical tips to speed up your learning process and to help you work faster and more effectively.

You can pick up ideas from the examples and samples installed with PocketSurvey and modify them for your own use.


We recommend that you save you own versions of the examples and samples in the SURVEY folder before you modify them as these files are always overwritten when you install a newer version of PocketSurvey.


If you are eager to get started quickly, simply install the software and go through the examples and samples that come with PocketSurvey -- you can always dip back into this manual when you get stuck!

For a really quick start follow though "Chapter 5: Creating a Questionnaire" it will only take you about five minutes!

We hope your will find this manual well structured and easy to follow, please send us your comments and we will improve it for you.

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