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The Internet | Receive Results menu option, shown below, displays a screen allowing you to receive results, for the currently loaded questionnaire, from one or more mobile users. Survey results are retrieved from the user locations on the central sever as defined in the Internet | Settings screen.

As soon as results are received they may be viewed using the Reports | Results menu option.


Data will only be retrieved for the current questionnaire. If results for other questionnaires are required then you will need to open each questionnaire in turn and receive results for each one.

When a Receive operation completes successfully PocketSurvey appends the data files on the server with the extension .BAK. This does two things: firstly it provides level of security should you wish to re-instate the original data; secondly it allows the user to send another set of results.


If a user's survey results are allowed to remain on the server then they will block the user from sending subsequent results until they are cleared.

Receive Results from Internet Users Screen

Selected users button

Quite often it is convenient to receive results from several users in one go. This option allows you to receive from a batch of users.

In the example, Boris and Clara are shown with ticks against them. This means that when you click the Selected users button the system will attempt to receive results for Boris and Clara. (We say attempt because the success of the operation depends on Boris and Clara having left some information to be retrieved.)

If data already exists for the currently loaded questionnaire on the desktop then you will be presented with the dialog shown below.

This will ONLY appear for the first user in the batch. Results for all following users in the batch will always be appended to the current data.

The users that you selected will be remembered the next time that you use this dialog.

Highlighted user button

Sometimes you may wish to receive from just one particular user. So that you do not have to de-select your current batch of users this option allows you to select just one easily.

In the example screen above, Dilbert is shown highlighted. This means that when you click the Highlighted user button then the system will attempt to receive results for Dilbert (even though there is no tick against him).

Commonly Used Buttons

The commonly used buttons Close, Cancel and Help, work as expected.


During a receive operation PocketSurvey will display the progress at the bottom of the dialog. When the receive operations has completed the Cancel button will change to Close.

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