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The Internet | Users menu option, shown below, displays a screen allowing you to set up a list of settings for each mobile worker.


You should consult your in-house IT department for details of setting up a company FTP server with user accounts. If you do not have in-house capabilities for such a server contact Handheld Systems Ltd to find out how we can set one up for you.

Internet Users Screen

Once your FTP Server is up with user accounts for each of your mobile workers you simply need to tell PocketSurvey where each of those users' data is located on he server. You do this using the screen shown below.

Current users' names are shown in the first column. The second column shows the location on the server where any files for that user will be placed.


The Create button displays the screen shown below allowing you to define a new user account.

User names must be unique. If you enter an identical name to an existing user then the original user details will be replaced with those of the newly created one.

The folder will default to that set up in the Internet | Settings dialog but you should ensure that this changed to be a unique location for each user.


To revise user details highlight the particular user then select this option to produce a dialog similar to that produced by the Create option.


To delete user details highlight the particular user then select this option. The user's details will be removed from the system.

Commonly Used Buttons

The commonly used buttons Close, Cancel and Help, work as expected.

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