Main Toolbar
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The Main toolbar, shown below, accesses the most frequently used features of PocketSurvey.

If you are uncertain what an icon does, place your cursor over it. Its functional description will be shown on the status bar at the bottom of the main screen.

New. Start a new questionnaire.

Open. Opens a questionnaire.

Save. Save the current questionnaire.

Run. Runs the loaded the questionnaire in the simulator.

Item Editor. Insert or modify a question or a section.

Back. Move back up to a parent section.

Simulator. Use the handheld simulator rather than a real handheld.

Send. Send the questionnaire design to your handheld.

Receive. Receive the results of your survey.

Reports. Display the most recent results and other reports.

Data. Start the PS Data Manager tool.

Stats. Start the PS Data Doctor tool.

Help. View the online user manual and get help.

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