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A special type of question, to use data from external files is available in the Enterprise version of PocketSurvey. The Lookup feature is very flexible and allows you to use data from any number of external files generated from your 'back-end' management systems.

Using table

This specifies which external data table is to be used. There are always at least two tables in this list - they are defined automatically by the PocketSurvey system and they correspond to the parent and child data files that will be generated by your survey when it runs on the handheld. These files enable you to lookup data that has previously been entered. This facility of self-reference has many uses, e.g. it could be used to warn or prevent re-entry of previous data.

As well as the two system files mentioned above, any other CSV (Comma Separated Values) files that are in the current survey folder would also appear in this list. If you wish to edit or define a lookup table from scratch then click the Edit table... button.

Edit Table

This uses the PS Data Doctor tool to edit or create lookup tables. PocketSurvey is temporarily suspended whilst PS Data Doctor is in use. When you have finished working on your lookup table, exit PS Data Doctor and PocketSurvey will resume. If you have defined a new table then it will now appear in the Using table list.


Three lookup types may be chosen from the small drop-down list:

The larger, adjacent drop-down list contains the table's field names. Use this to choose the field from which your data will be taken.

Match with

This may be left blank. In which case the lookup will search the entire table. If one or more match criteria are specified then the search will be restricted to those items that comply with the match.

Clicking any of the fields under the with column will produce a drop-down list of variable names.

The list shows only variables that are contained within the current section. However, there are some special variables that are globally available: Survey Identifier, MainQuestionName, and MenuScore are always available and, if you are working in a common section, MainQuestionAnswer and MainSectionName will also be available.

As an alternative to selecting a variable name you may type in any text against which you wish to match. Anything that does not correspond to a variable name is always regarded as text literal.


This is an advanced question type that is only available if you have purchased an enterprise or advanced license for PocketSurvey

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