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Ticklists allow the user to select more that one answer when the questionnaire runs on the handheld or simulator, as shown below.


The ticklist question type is similar to the single select menu question type except that jumps, nested menus and validation are not available.

List Type

You can build menus from different list types: Fixed, Variable or Lookup.


This option to populate the menu choices from the contents of a Variable or a dynamic Lookup is an advanced feature that is only available if you have purchased an enterprise or advanced license for PocketSurvey.


Choice is the editable area where you can add items that will appear on the user's menu.


Boilerplate answers from external files, as plain text comma separated format, may be inserted into the text window by using the populate screen, shown below.

Each working folder where you store your questionnaires can have a number of external files.

Free Text

The Free Text button inserts the legend 'Free text' into the choice list; this permits the user to enter text from the hand-held computer's keyboard.

Double clicking on a choice item will copy the item into the edit box.

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