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The Message question type displays a message to the user when the survey is run. Data is not normally captured with this question type as it is for informational purposes only.

Messages need not be displayed to the user immediately; they can be built up in stages and later displayed altogether. See the Show option for details of how to do this.


This allows you to enhance the display of your message by applying any (or all) of the options to the displayed text.


This allows you to choose the position of the displayed text.


If this is not ticked then the message will not be displayed immediately. Instead, it will be added to any previously non-displayed messages and stored for later use.

If this switch is on then the current message will be added to any previously non-displayed messages and shown to the user.

Delaying display allows you to build up sophisticated messages by combining several Message statements together.

New line

This comes into play when you are adding messages together (see Show); it will force the text to be displayed on a new line. Without this, most items will follow on the same line as the previous message.

N.B. Some display options will always force a new line anyway, so using New line with these will produce two new lines. Options that produce new lines are:

All others, i.e.

do not produce new lines.


This can be a number or a variable, and will cause the displayed text to be indented by the given amount.

Text to display

This is the text that is displayed to the user. As the Message statement is formatted using HTML it is possible to insert HTML tags here if you wish to further enhance your messages, e.g.

Will produce a message using a larger font than normal.

Variables may also be inserted into your messages using the same {{variable name}} convention as used in the Calculator. The Section and Variables menus will help you to select any variables that you need,

Here is an example of message that was built up in stages:


Data destination file, Initial value, and Confirm have no meaning here; therefore they are disabled on the dialog.

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