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The user is prompted to enter a number. Used where a predictable number is to be recorded, e.g. property code or serial number of equipment. Numbers have a pre-defined precision and optional range checking.

Number of Digits

Is defined as the number of digits allowed before the decimal point, referred to in the dialog as the whole part, and the number of digits allowed after the decimal point, and referred to as the decimal part.

Size Check


Disables range checking.


This will warn the user if the number is out of range. However, execution is allowed to continue and the number accepted if the user wishes to do so.


Will not allow execution to continue until a number entered is within range.

Low and High range limits are inclusive.



The user must type the number

Spin Buttons

The user can select a number by clicking up and down arrows on a 'spin' control, shown below, or can type the number


The user can select a number by dragging a bar, as shown below or can type the number.

Trackbars can have labels attached to the left, centre, and right. This is useful for eliciting qualitative answers from users.

Auto Number

Any number type question, including the first question in your survey, can be automatically incremented or decremented by using the in-built calculation feature as shown below in the initial value field.

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