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The Reports | Design | Database Specification menu option, shown below, displays a report that gives an exact specification for a database structure relating to the information collected by your survey design.

The report shows detailed information for the database you will need to create, including suggested field names, field types, field lengths and field formatting if you want to do additional analysis using a database package such as Microsoft Access.

This report is particularly useful if different people are creating the survey design and the database. It contains all the information the database programmer needs, without necessarily knowing anything about how PocketSurvey works.

An extract of the report is shown below or click here to see a live example of this report.

Each attribute is hyper-linked back to the survey question that produces it. Clicking on an attribute will change the display to the Questionnaire report and position on the relevant question.


The fields with an asterisk are the suggested index fields for your database.

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