Reports | Design | Summary
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The Reports | Design | Summary menu option, shown below, displays a report that is an abbreviated version of the questionnaire report, showing the section and question headings, types and data destinations, but not the details of each question.

This report is useful for showing an overview of your questionnaire design and a listing of survey revisions.

An extract of the report is shown below or click here to see a live example of this report.

Reports | Business | . . .

The Reports | Business | . . . menus display advanced business reporting functions that are available via the PS Reporter/PS Data Manager tools.

The tool that displays business reports - PS Reporter is installed with the rest of your PocketSurvey package. An Adhoc report will always be available from this menu, but if you wish to purchase additional, bespoke reports please contact us for more details.

If you wish to design your own reports and scripts, and also have access to a host of sophisticated data manipulation facilities, then you need to use the PS Data Manager tool. If you did not purchase PS Data Manager when you bought PocketSurvey and now wish to know more, then please contact us for more details.

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