Running PocketSurvey
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From the Start menu

You can run PocketSurvey from the standard Windows Start menu as shown below. Choose the Run PocketSurvey option.

From your desktop

You can also run PocketSurvey group by clicking on the desktop icon which then displays the following screen. Choose the Run PocketSurvey icon.


If you work with PocketSurvey often you might like to create a desktop shortcut to launch PocketSurvey directly.

To do this grab the 'Run PocketSurvey' icon with your right mouse button, drag it on the desktop and choose 'create shortcut' when you release the right mouse button.

New questionnaire screen

When you first run PocketSurvey you will see the main program screen as shown below. You will notice that it has an attractive and uncluttered screen layout with a menu, a toolbar a survey structure areas and a question area. For more a detailed description of the items on this screen, see "Chapter 4 -- Quick Tour".

You are now ready to create your first Questionnaire


To start a new survey at any time, choose File | New from the main menu bar or the click the toolbar button shown below.
New Questionnaire

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