Running Surveys on the Handheld
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Running surveys on your handheld is very similar to testing your survey; the main difference is that you are communicating with your handheld via Microsoft ActiveSync.


Before using PocketSurvey with your handheld you need to ensure ActiveSync is working correctly with your handheld and PC. ActiveSync is a Microsoft program and is therefore supported by them or your hardware supplier.

However, you will find some useful tips on ActiveSync, see "Appendixes -- ActiveSync".

To run surveys on your handheld follow the steps outlined below.

  1. On your PC turn off the simulator by clicking the simulator button.

    Simulator Toolbar Button
  2. On your PC select the Handheld | Send Survey menu option to send your questionnaire to your handheld CE device.

    Send Questionnaire Toolbar Button
  3. On your handheld select PocketSurvey from the Start menu on your pocket PC. Once PocketSurvey is started on your handheld you can choose a survey from the PocketSurvey Run menu option.

    After you have captured data for one customer select the Run menu option to run the survey again.

  4. Back on your PC select the Handheld | Receive Results menu option to transfer the answers to the survey from the handheld to your PC ready for reporting and subsequent analysis.

    Receive Results Toolbar Button
  5. Finally to see the data captured by your survey select the Reports | Business | Recent Data menu option. The results report will be displayed in your preferred web browser. Alternatively, use the Reports toolbar button.

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