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Licensed users receive 30 days free support from purchase date. We also provide a certain amount of support for unlicensed users during the evaluation period.

Send your questions to or visit our Web site, to get answers to frequently asked questions.

After your FREE 30 days technical support you can choose the level of support that best suit you and your company. We have three technical support options to choose from.

Email Support

You can opt for 12 months email support where you can ask technical support questions via email. You will normally get a response within 1 working day and most times you will get a reply within a few hours. With this option you can also send surveys designs to us for review. Please contact us for more details.

Telephone & Email Support

For those users who want the added comfort of being able to speak to a technical support person on the telephone we recommend this telephone with email support option. Please contact us for more details.

Pay As You Go Support

Pay as you go support is suitable for experienced users who are unlikely to need much support. Normally users who are comfortable reading online user manuals and are experienced in computer problem solving choose this level of support. Please contact us for more details.

Consultancy & Training

If you want more than simple technical support we have comprehensive consultancy and training services available covering questionnaire survey design, custom database creation for survey analysis and 'at your location' training.

The format of PocketSurvey questionnaire designs is dictated to some extent by the data analysis software to which they will link, therefore an appreciation of elementary database structure is desirable to ensure good quality results.

Formal training is usually unnecessary for users who will only be involved with the handheld computers. Please ask if you are unsure of how much training you will need.

Training can be arranged to take place at your premises. Please contact us at for current pricing.

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