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The survey structure shown below shows the sections in your questionnaire. A questionnaire always has a Main section. In this Main section can add questions or add more sections as required. Normally it is a good idea to organise your questions into sections especially for large complex questionnaires.


Unlike most other questionnaire design software, PocketSurvey lets you have sections within sections; and you can even add a section in the middle of a set of questions!

About Sections & Icons Used

Sections come in three flavours: directed, random, and form.

Directed sections present questions to the user one after the other

Random sections allow the user to choose the order in which to answer questions

Forms present all the questions laid out in a similar manner to a paper-based form

Furthermore, each section can be mandatory, where the user must enter or visit the section; or optional, where the user can leave the survey without answering the questions.


If the section that they are entering is random they may not necessarily have to answer any questions within the section - this will depend whether individual questions are mandatory or not.

indicates an optional directed section

indicates an optional random section

indicates an optional form

indicates a mandatory random section

indicates a mandatory directed section

indicates a mandatory form


Notice that red indicates mandatory and green indicates optional.

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