Testing Your Questionnaire
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Normally you would send your questionnaire design to one or more mobile devices such as pocket PCs and get your mobile workforce to conduct the surveys out in the 'field'. Then you would receive the result back to your desktop computer, run some of the quick PocketSurvey reports and import the data into your chosen data analysis tool.

However, with the in built-in handheld simulator you can do all this on your desktop PC without even having a handheld computer! You use the handheld simulator to test your surveys but you can also run surveys for 'real' on your office PC if you wish. Follow these steps.

  1. On your PC select the Handheld | Simulator menu option to use the in-built simulator.

    Simulator Toolbar Button
  2. On your PC select the Handheld | Smart Send menu option to send the survey to the simulator.

Send Questionnaire Toolbar Button

  1. Once the simulator is launched and the questionnaire sent to it, you can run your survey.

After you have captured your first set of data you will be presented with Question 0 (in this example: Property Reference) from where you can enter the identifier for your next set of survey data

  1. When you have finished collecting data select the Handheld | Receive Results menu option to transfer the answers to the survey from the handheld simulator to your PC ready for reporting and subsequent analysis.

    Receive Results Toolbar Button
  2. Finally to see the data captured by your survey select Reports | Results menu option. The results report will be displayed in your preferred web browser.

    Report Results Toolbar Button

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