Upgrading to a New Version
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Handheld Systems are committed to a continuous programme of refinement and improvement of PocketSurvey, so you will always be assured of having the best possible features, capacity and ease of use.

We have a policy of free minor upgrades within a major release and a preferential upgrade price to the next major version. You can download minor upgrades from our web site. Only when you install a new major version will you need to purchase a new license key.

To install a minor upgrade. Just install over the top of your existing system. Your previous settings and license key remain untouched.


Our upgrade policy is based on our market research into users wants/needs: we found that most users were unhappy with the constant barrage of costly upgrades that are associated

Upgrading your handheld

Once you have upgraded your PC software you will also need to upgrade your handheld computer's software to the latest version. To do this, connect your handheld to your computer and make sure that ActiveSync is running. Then follow the steps described in Installing PocketSurvey on your Handheld.

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