Using the Internet on the Handheld
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Because of space limitations on the handheld and the handheld simulator, the Internet option appears on the menu bar as the Net menu as shown below.

The first two items: Send and Receive are options that you will probably use on a regular basis. The Settings option would normally be used when you first set up the handheld and you should not need to change the settings very often.


Operations on the handheld simulator are identical to those on the handheld itself, with the exception that the simulator can automatically dial-up and disconnect from the Internet when necessary.

Connecting the Handheld to the Internet

Before you can begin transmitting data you will need to establish an Internet connection using the instructions supplied with you handheld device.

PocketSurvey does not connect to the Internet automatically on Pocket PCs machines so, if an Internet connection is not established, PocketSurvey will inform you whenever you start a Send or Receive operation.

Extra Hardware Required

Some handhelds, such as the Trium, have a built-in cellular phone and modem. Others such as the Compaq iPaq have accessory cards that are added to the base unit to provide wireless or wired modem facilities.

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