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The visit list question is only available as Question 0. It allows the user to select a survey identifier from a list. the list itself is looked up from an exeternal table.

Using table

This specifies which external data table is to be used. Any CSV (Comma Separated Values) files that are in the current survey folder appear in this list. If you wish to edit or define a lookup table from scratch then click the Edit table... button.

Edit Table

This uses the PS Data Doctor tool to edit or create lookup tables. PocketSurvey is temporarily suspended whilst PS Data Doctor is in use. When you have finished working on your lookup table, exit PS Data Doctor and PocketSurvey will resume. If you have defined a new table then it will now appear in the Using table list.


This determines the field from where the list of displayed menu items is taken. The item then chosen from that list is not necessarily the value that is used as the survey identifier, that may come from a corresponding field in the same table.


This defines from which corresponding field the actual survey identifier is taken

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