What Does PocketSurvey Do?
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PocketSurvey has a questionnaire design module running on any Windows PC and a survey data collection component for handheld devices such as the Compaq iPAQ, Casio, Husky or any pocket pc, running Windows CE.

The interactive testing facility simulates a real pocket pc and allows you to test surveys on your PC before actually sending them to your handheld computer saving you time. Final transfer of your questionnaire to your handheld device only takes seconds!

Design Questionnaires with PocketSurvey

Designing questionnaires is very easy and does not require any programming knowledge to be able to design complex data collection questionnaire surveys.

There is a comprehensive set of example and sample surveys showing you how the system works. The full on screen help and tutorial guide you through every step with clear and concise instructions.

Collect Data with PocketSurvey

Collecting the data is easy too with our unique 'crash recovery' ensuring not data is lost out in the field. Your surveyors do data collection on the handheld pocket PC with the information captured at source. The captured survey data is then transferred to the desktop PC for later analysis by database software such as Microsoft Access, Excel or SQL Server.

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