What Is PocketSurvey?
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PocketSurvey is an integrated questionnaire survey design and data collection software suite.

PocketSurvey is used for collecting information away from the office on handheld computers. This is done via the mobile data collection module, 'PocketSurvey Mobile' that you install on your handheld computer. Information is collected in a structured manner by answering a series of questions organised in an electronic survey that is first designed on your Windows PC using the survey design module 'PocketSurvey Designer'.

Once your survey data is collected the information is easily transferred from your handheld computer to your desktop PC for subsequent analysis and reporting.

The three steps of designing surveys, collecting data and analysing information can be undertaken by non computer experts allowing you more time for management of your business. If you do not have a suitable handheld computer you can use the handheld simulator built into PocketSurvey to see how the whole process works from beginning to end.

Examples and Samples

To see what PocketSurvey can do, try the sample surveys in the 'Samples' folder by double clicking on the .Q file or simply select a sample questionnaire from the Windows start menu or the PocketSurvey desktop icon.

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