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The Internet | Send Questionnaire menu option allows you to send the currently loaded questionnaire to selected mobile users by selecting the recipients directly from the pop up menu of users.

Questionnaires are sent to and receive from an FTP site that must be specified in both PocketSurvey and all of the Handheld Devices used.

In order to send a questionnaire to the FTP server you must first create a user in PocketSurvey and specify the folder on the FTP server that questionnaires will be sent to. It is important that the folder specified here matches the folder that has been set up on the FTP site.

Before you can send your questionnaire you must configure your Internet Settings using the Internet | Settings menu.

Here you must specify your Administrator and Password details. If operating the trial software the Adminstrator name is "Evaluation" and the Password "testing". If you have chosen to use the PocketSurvey FTP server enter "" in the Server field. Enter the path for the folder where your user exists i.e. 'private/user 01'.

Now you are ready to send your questionnaire so click Internet | Send Questionnaire.

Once sent, look in your FTP folder and you should see your questionnaire as a .PSB file.

Now on your handheld device select Net | Connect to check that your handheld has a connection to the Internet.

Configure the Net | Settings menu to match the settings menu you have configured in PocketSurvey so that your handheld device knows where to receive the questionnaire from. Now you are ready to receive the survey from the FTP site. Click Net | Receive.

Click the Run button and you should see your survey available to run on the handheld device.

If you check back in the FTP server folder inside your created user folder you will notice the .PSB file will now be a .PSB.bak file. The .bak is added to files that have already been received by the user. This means that you can keep track of whether or not a handheld user has received a questionnaire from the server or not.

When you have completed and quit a survey on your handheld, click Net | Send to send the collected survey data back to the FTP server so that it can be received by PocketSurvey. Once sent you should check your FTP server folder to find a number of .DATA files that hold your collected questionnaire data.

Back in PocketSurvey your settings should still remain so click Internet | Receive Results.

Open the PS Data Manager and create a new database to import the data into, or alternatively merge the data into the existing database by clicking the Merge button. Now that the data has been imported into PocketSurvey take a look at your FTP server folder. Notice that all of the .DATA files are now .DATA.bak files. Again this is so that files are not constantly being received into PocketSurvey and so that we know the data has been received.

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