PS Survey Manager Toolbar
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The PS Survey Manager Toolbar accesses the most frequently used features of PocketSurvey. The actions available on the toolbar can also be accessed by choosing the command from the menubar.

If you are uncertain what an icon does, place your cursor over it and a functional description will be shown on the status bar at the bottom of the main screen.


The Run button runs the loaded questionnaire in the simulator.


The Sim button turns the simulator on or off. When the simulator is not depressed all SEND & RECEIVE operations access the Pocket PC.


The Send button transfers the questionnaire and its associated control files to your handheld or simulator.


The Receive button collects the data for the questionnaire back from the handheld or simulator.


The Reports button shows a recent data report that displays the data collected so far in a HTML webpage.


The Data button opens up the PS Data Manager survey database and reporting system.


The Help button launches the PocketSurvey User Manual. The Help menu has options for launching the PS Data Doctor online user manual, the online tutorial, support information, purchasing information, and general information about the PS Data Doctor. You can learn more about each option in this chapter.


The Exit button closes PocketSurvey.

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