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The File menu lets you create, save and open questionnaire designs quickly and easily. You can exit the program from this menu as well.

As you use the File menu options you will see that the screens displayed work like any other Windows program. You can learn more about each option in this topic plus we talk about moving and deleting questionnaires.


The shortcut keys, which give you direct access to menu commands, are shown to the right of each menu option.

File | Open

The File | Open menu option lets you open previously saved questionnaires quickly and easily.

If you have previously named your questionnaire using descriptive words can easily find the questionnaire design you want to work on.


Questionnaires have the file extension of .Q. If you do not see file extensions on your computer we recommend you show these by changing you folder view options in 'My Computer' or 'Windows Explorer'. Refer to your Windows documentation for details on how to do that.


Although you can rename files from this screen using the standard Windows features, we do not recommend doing so, unless you rename the associated folder. It is better to open the questionnaire design and save as a different name from within the PocketSurvey program.

File | Save

The File | Save menu option saves your current questionnaire to disk. Because even large questionnaires are small and efficient the save operation does not take long to complete.


As you start to create more complex questionnaires, we recommend that you save your questionnaires regularly to prevent loss of data should your computer freeze as a result of running some other Windows program

File | Save As

The File | Save As menu option lets you save the currently opened questionnaire as a different name. This option is often used to create a new questionnaire based on the design of another.

Since PocketSurvey uses long filenames you can name your surveys using descriptive words. You can also use spaces in the filenames.

File | Exit

The File | Exit menu option will prompt you to save any modified files and then close PocketSurvey. If you choose not to save the modified file the changes since you last save will be lost.


The shortcut key for closing PocketSurvey is ALT + F4.

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