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The Handheld menu controls all aspects of communications with your handheld computer. It also allows you to use the handheld simulator rather than a real handheld via Handheld | Simulator

Handheld | Receive Results

The Handheld | Receive Results menu option and toolbar button receives data collected on your Handheld or simulator as a result of answering questions presented by your survey.


When you receive results the answers captured by the survey are automatically deleted from your handheld.

Existing results data

If you have received survey results previously you will see the screen, shown below, giving you a choice of appending to, or overwriting existing data files.

Selecting Append will add your newly collected data to any existing data that remains in your database. If you attempt to append newly collected data from a survey structure that differs from the one the existing survey data was collected using, you cannot append.

Selecting Overwrite will overwrite your existing survey data. All previously collected data will be replaced by the newly collected data.

In addition, you may choose to archive your previous results. Once set, the archive switch will remain on for all subsequent receives until you turn it off again. Normally only the raw data files that comes back from the Handheld are archived. However, you may choose to archive the CSV files that are produced from this raw data, but be aware that the CSV files may be large - especially if the Append switch is on.

Whilst you can store your results permanently in PocketSurvey, most users periodically import their results data files into their own database management system, such as Microsoft Access, SQL server, or our own PS Data Manager facility.

Handheld | Smart Send

The Handheld | Smart Send menu option and toolbar button, sends the currently loaded survey and its control files to your Handheld computer or simulator.

Handheld | Individual Sends

Handheld | Send Visit Lists

The Handheld | Send Visit Lists menu option sends the survey's associated properties list to the handheld or handheld simulator.

Handheld | Clear Visit Lists

The Handheld | Clear Visit List menu option clears the visit list from your handheld or handheld simulator. 

Handheld | Clear Questionnaires

The Handheld | Clear Questionnaires menu option displays a screen to allow you to clear surveys from a handheld computer or from the Handheld simulator. Any data previously collected is also deleted.

Handheld | Restore Results...

The Handheld | Restore Results menu option restores the results of a survey from a previously archived set of data back to the handheld or handheld simulator. This is useful for reviewing historical results or re-checking a survey.

Handheld | Install

The Handheld | Install menu option installs the PocketSurvey Mobile software onto a Handheld computer. For each Handheld you install onto you will need a mobile data collection license. However, once installed on a Handheld, you can install the mobile software again if you receive any program updates, as long as you are licensed to do so.

Handheld | Uninstall

The Handheld | Uninstall menu option uninstalls the PocketSurvey Mobile software from the handheld and releases the mobile data collection license so it can be used on another handheld computer.


Surveys and data will still remain on your Handheld after you uninstall PocketSurvey, so if you need to remove these, you should use Windows Explorer to delete the 'Programs Files\PocketSurvey' folder on your Handheld.


You must close PocketSurvey on your Handheld before using this option otherwise the Handheld de-installation will fail.

Handheld | Simulator

The Handheld | Simulator menu option and toolbar button turns the handheld simulator on of off.

All actions such as sending surveys, sending visit lists, receiving data and clearing surveys will operate on the simulator rather that your handheld if this option is ticked.


When communicating with your handheld you must ensure that your handheld is turned on and ActiveSync is working correctly.