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The Reports menu offers a number of reports that help you document your questionnaire designs and check the results of data collected through the survey.

Each report is in HTML format and is viewed on screen through your web browser for subsequent printing. You can learn more about each report option in this chapter.


When you view a report an HTML formatted copy is created in the questionnaire folder with the name reportname.htm. If you wish you can copy these HTML files to your company Intranet or web site, but remember to also copy the associated image files (.GIF) and style sheet (.CSS) files

Contact Handheld Systems Ltd to find out about our HTML customisation services.

Reports | Recent Data

Selecting Reports | Recent Data launches a recent data report that displays the data collected so far in a HTML webpage.

Reports | Business | . . .

The Reports | Business | . . . menus display advanced business reporting functions that are available via the PS Reporter/PS Data Manager tools.

The tool that displays business reports - PS Reporter is installed with the rest of your PocketSurvey package. An Adhoc (Recent Data) report will always be available from this menu, but if you wish to purchase additional, bespoke reports please contact us for more details.

If you wish to design your own reports and scripts, and also have access to a host of sophisticated data manipulation facilities, then you need to use the PS Data Manager tool. If you did not purchase PS Data Manager when you bought PocketSurvey and now wish to know more, then please contact us for more details.

Reports | Lookups | . . .

The Reports | Lookups | . . . menus display reports for all the external data files referenced in your survey.

This report is useful for documenting your external data. An extract of the commonly used 'Elements' report is shown below.

Printing Reports in Internet Explorer

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