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The Settings menu allows you to configure PocketSurvey to suit your particular needs. A tick next to an option on this menu indicates the option is active. You can learn more about each option available on the menu in this chapter.

Settings | Support Reminder

The Settings | Support Reminder menu option turns the 'out of support' message on or off. When your user support contract expires you will be reminded to renew your support when PocketSurvey is launched. If you do not intend to renew your support you can turn off this message via this menu option.

Support Options

When your support contract expires a message similar to that shown below will appear when you start PocketSurvey.

Find out more about our support options by visiting our web site or read the Support For PocketSurvey section of this manual.

Settings | Lookups Send Warning

Turns on / off a warning message when attempting to send non-existant lookup files.

Settings | Micellaneous

The Settings | Miscellaneous menu option presents a dialog box that allows you to change the default Data file editor.

This defines what file editor is used by the Tools | Quick Editor | . . . option.

If you choose System then whatever editor is currently used by the Windows system to edit CSV files will be used; this is usually MS Excel.

If you choose Notepad then the Notepad text editor will be used.

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