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The Tools menu shows additional tools available in PocketSurvey. You can learn more about each option in this chapter.

Tools | Quick Editor

The Tools | Quick Editor | . . . menu, shown above, provides a quick and easy way for you to edit the various Comma Separated Value (CSV) files that your survey uses or produces.

There are always at least two files on this menu, they are the parent and child data files that are, or will be, produced by the survey. If you wish to make alterations to the collected data then this is a way to do it. However, be aware that altering data using this or any other editor may produce inconsistencies, as integrity and validation checks are not carried out as they are on the handheld.

By default, the system editor is used for this option. Usually this is MS Excel™ but this can be changed - see Settings | Miscellaneous.

Tools | PS Data Manager

This option starts the PS Data Manager tool with the current survey's data ready loaded.

Tools | PS Data Doctor

The PS Data Doctor is an program exclusive to Pocketsurvey which allows the editing of control files. It stores this information as comma separated values (CSV files).

Tools | PS Data Mapper

The Tools | PS Data Mapper menu option is used to transfer collected survey data to another location, and optionally reorganise this data, for immediate input into any database or housing management system.

Using this tool PocketSurvey can produce data for immediate input into Comino's Saffron, Aereon's Simdel & QL, IBS's Open Housing or ANY housing management or database system that your organisation may be using.


To take advantage of the revolutionary PS Data Mapper tool, available only in PocketSurvey, you must supply a special transfer script to work alongside your survey design.

Handheld Systems Ltd can write these scripts for you, or you can write your own scripts. Contact us for further details of this advanced feature.

Tools | Backup

This option automatically creates backup files for your current survey. When selected, a compressed zip file will be created within your PocketSurvey folder containing all of your current survey data.

Tools | Restore

Restores essential survey files from a previously saved backup.

All existing survey data will be lost.

Tools | MS Access

Allows you to manipulate the current data set using Microsoft Access.

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