PS Survey Manager Right Click Menu
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The PS Survey Manager Right Click Menu appears when you right click anywhere in the PS Survey Manager.


The Open menu option lets you open previously saved questionnaires quickly and easily.

If you have previously named your questionnaire using descriptive words can easily find the questionnaire design you want to work on.


Questionnaires have the file extension of .Q. If you do not see file extensions on your computer we recommend you show these by changing you folder view options in 'My Computer' or 'Windows Explorer'. Refer to your Windows documentation for details on how to do that.


Although you can rename files from this screen using the standard Windows features, we do not recommend doing so, unless you rename the associated folder. It is better to open the questionnaire design and save as a different name from within the PocketSurvey program.


The Save menu option saves your current questionnaire to disk. Because even large questionnaires are small and efficient the save operation does not take long to complete.


As you start to create more complex questionnaires, we recommend that you save your questionnaires regularly to prevent loss of data should your computer freeze as a result of running some other Windows program


The Options menu option opens the questionnaire design options screen. These global options are fundamental to any questionnaire design and should be reviewed when you first start to design a new questionnaire.

Send Questionnaire

The Send Questionnaire menu option sends the currently loaded survey to your handheld computer or simulator. To send multiple surveys to your handheld, simply open each one in turn and send the survey.

Receive Results

The Handheld | Receive Results menu option receives data collected on your Handheld or simulator as a result of answering questions presented by your survey. See Menu | Handheld for more information.

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