Using the Internet
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The Internet options in PocketSurvey allow you to transfer information between your desktop and any number of handheld computers via the Internet. This means that you can send questionnaire forms and receive results to and from your mobile workforce while they are out in the field.

To make use of this facility you will need access to an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) site. Most Internet Service Providers can provide this service and it sits alongside other Internet facilities such as email and web hosting. If you want help or information about how to set up an FTP site we will be pleased to advise you.

Access to the Internet facilities is via menus and is very simple and easy to use on both the desktop and handheld versions of PocketSurvey.

In many ways using the Internet to transfer information is better than a direct cable connection. For instance, mobile workers can deposit data at any time - they are not tied to office hours. Similarly, administration back at the office is easier as data can be received as a batch instead of waiting for each mobile worker to return.

The basic idea is that data is not transferred directly between source and destination; instead, it is sent to an intermediate location (the FTP server) where the recipient can pick it up at any time. Because the Internet never sleeps, the sender can send at any time and, likewise, the receiver can receive at any time; there is no need for the sender and the receiver to synchronise their activities.

Data from multiple users never gets confused as each user has their own folder on the server. Once this is set up the user does not need to know how or where the information is kept - they simply just send and receive data - the PocketSurvey Internet system takes care of all the housekeeping.

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