Ready-to-go Decent Homes Survey App

Decent Homes Survey App. Ready-to-go Decent Homes survey using tablets & smart phones that includes the full HHSRS standard. Free evaluation

Decent Homes Surveying App

Use our Decent Homes survey to save time and money when assessing social housing against the government decent homes standard. You can use Android smart phones and tablets to collect data out in the field, and manage your data in a powerful desktop database and reporting system.

The decent homes data that you gather is automatically calculated according to the decent homes guidance issued by the government, and includes the full HHSRS standard. All you need to do is to click button to produce a range of professional reports.

We have done all the hard work for you, you just survey the property as you would in a condition survey, rather than having to wade though the 'decent homes definition and guidance for implementation' issued by the government.

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Simply contact us to see how you can be streamlining your business in a very short time, and at a very reasonable cost.

We will then send you the download link to install the free edition of the PS Decency survey on your Android device where you can undertake a real decent homes survey.

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Ready-to-go Decent Homes Survey App