PocketSurvey Quick Start Guide

The steps below are a quick guide to getting PocketSurvey up and running on your desktop PC and android device

PocketSurvey Quick Start Guide

The steps below are a quick guide to getting PocketSurvey up and running on your desktop PC and android device.

Step 1: General Installation

From the email that was sent to you, follow the steps in order to install the required components on your system. The desktop license has already been created and must be installed before using the software for the first time. You will need to request a license for your android device as per step 2 below.

Step 2: Setting Up Your Android Device

Click the PS Mobile icon on your android device to start the mobile software. From the scrollable tabs across the top of the screen select License > Request License.

Fill in all the fields

Important: Make sure that you check the field that says I have already bought a license. Click OK. License generation normally takes a few minutes.

You need to download your license from the same tab, Download license.

Note: when you have purchased a professional survey from us, you will need to remove any existing trial survey that you have used. This ensures that any custom features of your purchased survey are preserved and features such as trial messages etc. are not displayed.

To do this, from the Survey tab long tap the trial survey and then Delete Survey.

Step 3: Importing Your Building List

Check that the New Building data has been imported into the database

Step 4: Creating a Visit List

Step 5: Sending to Android

In Data Manager click the Sync button, this will open up PS Cloud Desktop. Select the tab Send Files. Click Send To; here you will see a list of users/devices linked to your company, select the device that you set up in step 2.

Make sure that you check the boxes Send Survey Design and Send Lookups.

Hit the Send button at the bottom of this window. Close PS Cloud Desktop.

Step 6: Running a Survey

On your android device select the Sync > Receive Data. Your survey will now be available on the Survey tab.

Click the survey name from the available list to start the survey.

Notes on survey navigation

To send your collected data back to the desktop do Sync > Send Data.

Step 7: Receiving To Desktop

In PS Data Manager, select Sync > Receive Files. Select from the list the data required by name, date and time. Click Receive at the bottom of the screen to download your data.

Click Merge > Import.

Verify that your data now exists in the database

Note: To open your survey folder (which includes your data, photos etc.) select Tools > Open Survey Folder.

It is good practice to Backup your data regularly as this effectively creates a point to which we can restore data should you have problems through crashing etc.

Step 8: PocketSurvey on Android

Once you are confident that your data is safely on your desktop and backed up, it will be beneficial to the operation of the mobile device to remove archived records.

On the Survey tab select the survey and long tap to view options. Select View Archive. Previous survey IDs will be displayed as a checklist. Select the ones that you have completed and now exist in your desktop database then Delete.

When using the camera on the android device ideally the resolution needs to be set to 640 x 480. This will ensure a decent image and files that are not too large when transferring over your internet connection and also consider the storage space available to you device. You will need to check the settings on your device's camera software for this.


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PocketSurvey Quick Start Guide