FM Asset Data Collection Software App

Our CAFM/FM Asset data collection survey is a very polished data collection system using a mobile data collection app, for companies managing assets in schools, commercial buildings, hospitals, government buildings

FM Asset Data Collection - Mobile Software App

Our CAFM/FM Asset survey is a very polished survey system with a mobile data collection app, targeted at companies managing assets in school, commercial buildings, hospitals, government buildings. Ours clients, for example Kier, Lovell and G4S, have used our system to achieve 90% savings in data collection and processing.

Our pre-built asset survey is scalable for managing few hundred properties to many thousands - and best of all it is very affordable and customisable. Knowing the diverse needs of the FM industry, we can confidently deliver a survey tailored to your exact requirements.

Computer Aided FM Platforms

We can help you populate the expensive asset management products such as IBM Maximo, FSI Concept and Tribal that do not have a suitable tablet/smart phone based mobile data collection system.

Our survey is a comprehensive and configurable survey for planning including lifecycle year plans and component accounting. Suitable for facilities management companies, contractors and independent surveyors.

Who Uses Our FM Mobile Asset Survey?

A diverse range of clients in the built environment use our mobile stock condition survey system, a testament to the flexibility of our solution.

For a demonstration on your desktop, or a no strings attached evaluation simply contact us to discuss your requirements. The software is installed in seconds.

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FM Asset Data Collection Software App