How PocketSurvey Works

How PocketSurvey Works

How PocketSurvey Works

Collect data on your Android mobile device, transfer data via our Internet Cloud service, and then, when all the data is in from your mobile workforce, click a single button to produce your professional reports.

However, you can do much more with PocketSurvey... the database lets you filter and query your data, produce spreadsheets and pivot tables easily and produce you own custom reports.

And if that is not enough, we can produce customised reports and dashboards for you so you have a perfect turnkey system.

Questions Types

The following question types are available in the Lite edition: Text question, Numeric input question, Single select question (radio), Multiple select question (tickboxes), Scale question, Message, Date and Time, Signature & sketch, Photo Capture, Barcode, GPS, Dynamic menus, Calculations, Question branching, Skipping and looping.

With the Pro version you also get our unique and powerful lookup external data feature and a proper relational system that is ideally suited to asset and building surveys.

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How PocketSurvey Works