How To Buy PocketSurvey

How To Buy PocketSurvey

How To Buy PocketSurvey

We have three all inclusive pricing options to suit organisations of different sizes.

Note: Please schedule a demonstration and we can discuss the best price structure for you.

Most other survey products charge for each survey carried out, whereas PocketSurvey allows you to use and create unlimited surveys.

Large Companies

For professional surveying companies doing a lot of surveying or asset management work we can supply the software after receiving a purchase order.

Small Companies

For smaller companies wanting to reap the benefits of our system we accept cheques, direct bank payment and Pay Pal.

Any Company or Individual

Anyone can download the free edition of our PS Mobile Android app by contacting us using the form on this page. Please give your full details and what you what to use PS Mobile for. The free surveys currently available are listed below, more are being added everyday.

We will even write a free survey for you and add it to the community surveys section of our survey store, just enquire, and then send us your survey in electronic format.

Sign up below to download the FREE trial Android app to see for yourself

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How To Buy PocketSurvey