Import Data into BS/Capita Software

Use Android to collect mobile data and import into IBS/Capita software

Import Data Into IBS/Capita/Civica Software

You can use the PS Mobile app for Android devices (smart phones and tablets) to collect housing stock condition data and repairs data out in the field for later import into open housing or open contractor.

You can easily map the IBS elements, attributes to your defined Capita codes and import into the IBS/Capita software. You can collect data for a full range of surveys covering asbestos surveys, job processing, job logging, repairs servicing, stock condition, decent homes and HHSRS.

Users have found the PocketSurvey Mobile App much easier to use than open mobile, especially because it is a dedicated Android app that scales well to any size of screen - ideal for phones and tablets.

Try it For Free

You can try it now with absolutely no charge or commitment. Simply contact us using the form on this page and we will send you the download link to install the free edition on your Android device.

The free edition will allow you to run free surveys, community surveys, and trial our ready-to-go professional surveys, downloadable from our survey store.

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Import Data into BS/Capita Software