Mobile Workflow with PocketSurvey

Mobile Workflow with PocketSurvey

Mobile Workflow with PocketSurvey

In a nutshell PocketSurvey simplifies the way your survey team works by streamlining the whole data collection process into the following three-stage approach.

  1. Collect Data on Mobile Devices
  2. Transfer via the Internet
  3. Produce Reports & Spreadsheets (one click!)

Be smart and let PocketSurvey do all the hard work. Our survey templates are fully customisable and we can enhance any survey with specialised reports and dashboards.

Traditional Survey Process - Inefficient!

Compare the above modern process with the following traditional paper-based data collection process.

  1. Take paper notes
  2. Take separate photographs
  3. Return to office
  4. Write up notes
  5. Check and rework
  6. Organise and label photographs
  7. Create spreadsheets
  8. Publish reports

Furthermore, if you rely on dictation or secretarial support for writing up your survey notes, there will invariably be endless discussions and corrections of transcription errors.

Once you have moved over to using PocketSurvey you will wonder how you ever lived without it. Contact us today to see the software in action or to arrange a demonstration.

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Be SMART... Collect Data NOT Paper!
Mobile Workflow with PocketSurvey