Report Builder For Housing Surveys

We are the first and only company to have a native Android app and software package for running large-scale professional surveys for asset management and housing on Android smart phones and tablets

Report Builder For Housing Surveys

Report Builder lets you to interactively query your data using simple menus and tick lists and construct a report in MS Word, MS Excel or Web based format. Report templates can be saved and used as the basis of a professional customised report script.

PocketSurvey Reporter is the easiest and most flexible survey reporting system that you will ever use. It is the perfect complement to the PocketSurvey data collection system.

Export Data to ANY System

PocketSurvey can export your mobile data into any format and any database system. Unique export scripts give you the power to export your survey data to old legacy systems that do not have their own powerful handheld data capture system.

Data Formatting

The data formatting, re-organisation and data mapping features of PocketSurvey are so powerful that they cannot be matched by any other system.

Data formatting is fast and easy to customise. Export to complex SQL server data systems, housing management, statistical software or your own in-house system.

Integrate with ANY Database

Integrate your survey data with any database system, whether it is a statistical package or a housing management system using the flexibility data export feature of PocketSurvey.

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Report Builder For Housing Surveys