Surveying and Inspection Reports Produced In Seconds!

A great feature of our Pocket Survey tool is that, apart from standard reporting features included, we can produce custom reports to your exact specification for a range of survey/inspection types

Survey Inspection Reports Produced In Seconds!

The PS Mobile app is only half the story! The real magic is the PC desktop database & reporting system that you get when you take out a subscription to PocketSurvey. Once you synchronise your mobile data with the desktop database (via our free Cloud service), you can produce reports similar to those below, complete with hyper linked photographs in SECONDS! Just think, how much time will that save you?

Unlike the other survey/inspection tools available, you DON'T pay per report, all support and advice is included, and you can configure your inspection surveys yourself without paying for expensive consultancy. We guarantee you will pay at least five to ten times more with any other software.

With approaching 10,000 downloads of our mobile app; it is by far the most popular survey/inspection app of its kind. Also because we don't use expensive iPads, but low cost Android devices, your hardware costs will also be slashed.

All the reports below were automatically produced in a few seconds with our PS Data Manager database and reporting system, from mobile data collected out in the field on a mobile tablet or smart phone.

Inspection times are more than halved when using our mobile building-surveying app.

Asbestos HSG 264 Report

Our asbestos survey automatically follows the guidelines set out in HSG264, where a risk assessment calculation is automatically calculated to arrive at the action you need to take regarding your asbestos management.

Asbestos HSG 264 Report

USA Asbestos Inspection Report

The USEPA and WDNR and Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) regulate activities involving asbestos. Our US version of the Asbetsos Survey ues Friability, Category and Action in its risk assessment giving your clients the action you need to take regarding your asbestos management.

USA Asbestos Inspection Report

Fire Risk Assessment Report (FRA)

Take all the hard work out of hand crafting a fire risk assessment report laboriously in Word from photographs and paper notes, and produce a report automatically in seconds with PocketSurvey. Photographs are automatically cross-referenced in the output report and the status of risk items are automatically 'traffic lighted'.

Fire Risk Assessment Report

Building Condition Survey/Inspection Report

The PS Building Condition survey template captures location, condition, defects, spot repair costs, priorities, comments, sketches, building photographs and photographs for each building element. Collect data for immediate reporting for both commercial and residential buildings. This survey can be customised to be simpler or more complex depending on your requirements.

Building Condition Report

Dilapidations Survey/Inspection Report

The PS Dilapidations survey template captures building information, item/element descriptions, locations, condition, defects, condition, work costs, priority, photographs, sketches, and comments. Collect data for immediate reporting for both commercial and residential buildings.

Dilapidations Report

Indicative Energy Rating Report (iSAP)

You can produce an indicative EPC along with improvement recommendations without having to pay an energy surveyor or landmark registration fee. It will take you under TWO minutes to get an indicative energy rating, your normal building surveyors will be able to do this easily at the same time as carrying our a voids, repairs or stock condition survey.

Indicative Energy Rating Report

Buildings Asset Lifecycle Pivot Table

Are you frustrated by having to reply on expensive bespoke systems to get an accurate view of your building/property assets in a simple spreadsheet pivots table?

We build in powerful whole life cycle costings into all our asset & building condition surveys, enabling you to control your property and asset costs, with particular emphasis on life cycle maintenance.

Asset Lifecycle Pivot Table

HHSRS Housing Health & Safety Survey/Inspection Report

The Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS or the Rating System) is the Government's new approach to the evaluation of the potential risks to health and safety from any deficiencies identified in dwellings.

The PS HHSRS survey template helps you ensure that residential premises provides a safe and healthy environment for any potential occupier or visitor.

HHSRS Quality Report

Construction Checklist Report

The NHBC construction checklist report is just one example of ANY checklist report that you can configure to create your own checklists. The great thing with the PS Checklist survey template is that you get it free with a PocketSurvey subscription.

General Checklist Report

Other Example Reports

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Surveying and Inspection Reports Produced In Seconds!