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Housing Stock Condition

Social housing associations need to know about their housing stock to maintain their portfolio of properties to a good repair standard. Furthermore, it helps comply with current quality standards and regulations, guidance and codes of practice.

Doing such housing stock condition surveys is inefficient if done with pen and paper, dictation, or even spreadsheets! Hence the need for PsCloud Housing Condition App.

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Pre-Purchase Residential Surveys

A pre-sale property survey is carried out a property is put on the market. This involves time-consuming typing up of phrases describing the condition, defects and facilities in the internal and external areas of the building.

Most surveyors are still doing with pen, paper, and dictation! This is a pretty old fashioned method of working, and really inefficient!

However, you can now use the PsCloud Pre-Purchase Survey App to do this the modern way.

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Planned Maintenance

A Planned Maintenance Survey is an asset management inspection that assists freeholders, commercial property owners, landlords, and tenants to establish a property's condition and identify any potential future building maintenance requirements.

The PsCloud Planned Maintenance App helps capture replacement and repairs data for fabric, mechanical, and electrical elements. Professional asset management reports can be easily produced directly from your mobile devices.

Chartered surveyors, architects, and engineers can use this commercial condition survey template to assess a building and generate a condition survey report to aid construction, repair, and long term capital planning.

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Fire Spaces Inspection Software

This Fire Compartmentation & Fire Stopping Inspection software application ensures accurate & consistent fire compartmentation compliance across your client building portfolios.

Ideally suitable for surveying practices, estate managers, housing associations, and independent fire surveyors.

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Asset Data Collection

Asset data collection for systems such as Concept Evolution, IBM Maximo, Tribal, Planon, and the like, is often done using pen and paper.

The PsCloud Asset Data Collection App accurately captures the asset's location, condition, life cycle, and physical attributes using modern mobile devices.

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Fire Risk Assessment App

If you want to carry out the following types of Fire Risk Assessments you would benefit from the speed of reporting that the PsCloud Fire Risk Assessment App provides.

  • Type 1: Common parts only (non-destructive)
  • Type 2: Common parts only (destructive)
  • Type 3: Common parts and flats (non-destructive)
  • Type 4: Common parts and flats (destructive)

If you are a fire risk assessor or property management company, you could save time and money using our PsCloud Fire Risk Assessment App rather than using a traditional paper-based assessment.

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Building Condition Surveying Apps

If you're a building surveying, you will want to spend more time using your surveyor skills than writing reports from handwritten notes and collating photographs.

The PsCloud Building Survey Apps will help you produce high-quality building survey reports because your site notes and photos are captured directly on-site using modern mobile technology.

This building condition reporting app can be used for all building types. Use it to assess the physical condition of a building, including structural, mechanical, and electrical systems, as well as room-level inspections.

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Fire Door Inspection App

Regular fire door inspections are needed to create an accurate and up to date Fire Door register, including photographic evidence of any damage and a detailed action plan of repairs.

If you are a fire door inspector, you can save time and money using our PsCloud Fire Door Assessment App ratherthan using traditional paper-based assessments.

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Asbestos Surveying App

Maximise your time surveying without worrying about the time needed to produce your final asbestos reports in the office or back at home late at night.

Simply carry out your asbestos survey on-site, take samples and photographs, and automatically create your report with the PsCloud Asbestos App in seconds.

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Legionella Assessment App

With the PsCloud Legionella Assessment App, you don't need to re-input assessment data from paper notes into your word processor when you get back to the office or home.

Instead, you collect data just once on-site, along with photographs and your report is already prepared for you before you leave the site.

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HHSRS Surveying App

An HHSRS inspection applies to all residential accommodation. This includes ordinary homes, houses in multiple occupations (HMOs) and common parts of buildings with one or more flats.

Unfortunately, the UK Government still seems to be obsessed with an inaccurate scoring system based on outdated statistics. It's time for a more proactive and more straightforward approach.

The PsCloud HHSRS Inspection App simplifies the process by providing professional reports with photographic evidence of hazards along with identified defects and remedial works.

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Schedule of Condition Surveys

Schedule of Condition surveys are notoriously time-consuming because they take you time to type in your paper notes and collate all your photographs.

With a PsCloud Schedule of Condition Survey app, you choose from a set of pre-built defect menus to build a flexible condition commentary from standard phrases that you can modify within the software.

Your can also use the additional 'Costed Works' add-on for Dilapidations surveys.

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Generally, systems similar to PocketSurvey will cost you up to five times more than our software, and you will also need to pay per inspection or report!

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